Top 5 WordPress Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

WordPress is one of the most ubiquitous platforms for website development; no wonder 27% of the Internet is powered by WordPress. When it comes to developing business website, many businesses outsource WordPress development and join the bandwagon of top brands such as CNN, TechCrunch and UPS.

As 2017 is coming to a close, it is obvious that we would like to keep up with the latest WordPress trends that will take over 2018. Therefore, in this post I am discussing about trends that would help you deliver amazing WordPress web solutions to your clients.

#1 New and improved WordPress features

The latest WordPress version that is WordPress 4.9 is expected to be released soon. It is already in beta and includes bug fixes and improvements to the current version WordPress 4.8. These improvements would not only help website administrators but WordPress specialists as well. Moreover, these improvements would empower you as a WordPress user and enable your website to scale as your business grows.

#2 Drag and drop themes

WordPress has always been perceived as the most user-friendly CMS and this perception was taken to the next level with drag-and-drop themes. In 2017, you might have witnessed the rise of drag-and-drop themes which enables non-technical users like you to build and customize websites without writing any code.

Here are some example of WordPress drag and drop themes:

  • BeTheme – It is an easy-to-use, beginner-friendly, responsive and fast-loading theme.
  • Foundry – It is an elegant, visually appealing, flexible and customizable and responsive theme.
  • Uplift – This theme features 54 elements to fully customize your site easily.

#3 Video headers and backgrounds

We all know that video will rule web design in 2018. As video headers and backgrounds are becoming trendy WordPress makes it easier for you by offering themes featuring video headers.

Let’s take a look at some WordPress themes featuring video headers:

  • Balzac – This is a responsive theme with full video support. It is incredibly flexible as it includes multiple layouts within the theme.
  • Inspiro – This theme features a full-screen video and thus allowing you to feature a video portfolio.
  • Naila – This is a single-page theme and allows full-screen video background display which is optional.

#4 VR and 360 degree Content WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress development companies are already including virtual reality and 360 degree videos in web design. In 2018, you can expect to see more of this content as WordPress has also made available several plugins including:

  • WP-VR View – This plugin enables you to provide virtual reality experience to mobile audience. Yes, WP-VR View plugin allows smartphone users to view the PhotoSphere images and 360 degree video displayed on your WordPress site using Google Cardboard.
  • MomentoPress – This is a free WordPress plugin which allows you to display 360° photos and videos on your WordPress website.
  • 360° Panoramic Image Viewer – This is a responsive plugin which allows you to create immersive experience for your site visitors by adding “hotspots” to static images.

#5 Themes and plugins to enhance eCommerce experience

A large portion of WordPress websites comprise of eCommerce sites; thanks to WooCommerce – the most popular WordPress plugin for eCommerce. Moreover, online payment processing systems like PayPal and Google Checkout easily integrate with WordPress, thus making WordPress a popular choice for eCommerce development. Also, WordPress effectively addresses eCommerce trends like personalized shopping, subscription-based services, mobile shopping, and more with its latest eCommerce themes. Some of them are as follows:

  • Handmade – This theme includes powerful eCommerce features such as product filter widgets, one-click demo importer and much more enabling you to customize your online store.
  • Uncode – This is yet another responsive eCommerce theme that integrates well with WooCommerce. It offers you tons of options to enhance your online store. Besides you get plenty of customizable shop templates and also easy shortcuts for store-related features, such as pricing plans.
  • Divi – Divi positions itself as “The Ultimate WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder” and guess what! It is 100 percent accurate! It is a fully-customizable theme for any website; however, it is especially powerful for eCommerce stores. This all-inclusive theme also includes sleek product pages and is fully responsive and dynamic. The best part is that it integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce.


Are you considering custom WordPress development services for your business website? Then I am sure that keeping up with the aforementioned WordPress trends would help you to get an edge over your competitors. What do you think? Please be the first to initiate a conversation by leaving your comments below.

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